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A Glorious Dark by A.J. Swoboda

Meet A.J. Swoboda. He lives in Portland, OR. He pastors a church in the same church family I serve. He likes to listen to NPR. We have a lot in common. He also has a PhD (in ecotheology, no less)… Continue Reading →

Coffee Grenades

I love my friend Nolan. Over the past twelve months, he’s been grappling with the calling to be an evangelist. And he’s been asking me questions. To be honest, I have little clear idea about how to be an evangelist,… Continue Reading →

Up to My Neck

I wrote this in the midst of preparing for this Sunday’s sermon, from the text of Hebrews 2:14-18. I was considering the priestly work of Christ, but from a priest’s perspective before the incarnation. Rent flesh and holy days; I’m… Continue Reading →

Mission from Within

Class is in session. I’m at the Northwest District Conference in Spokane, WA, and I just finished a class with Gabe Barreiro. He has a particular focus on mission, church planting and Next Gen ministries. During the workshop, which was… Continue Reading →

I Quit

I quit my job. I did it seven months early, and that was six and a half months ago. With two weeks to go, I feel like a kid who got a reprieve of the band-aid removal, but now has the… Continue Reading →

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