by Mike Shea

God is inconvenient at times. I was thinking about this today, whilst I was driving in the rain on my way to fix some accidentally dismembered Ethernet cables.

My first reaction to the rain was how wonderful it was to have some falling at last! I mean, hey, I’m English right? It’s natural for me to want more rain, it is comforting to me. Still, I realized that sometimes the rain, even though it will bring forth green grass and new life, sometimes it seems like a hindrance to the current circumstances.

For instance, people drive weird in the rain. Or I’m more sensitive to their weirdness when it is raining. And the rain rarely falls at a rate consistent with the speed of my windshield wipers. The result is either those dry, streaky marks all over the screen or a field of vision that is in constant flux, moving from clear to increasingly patchy, returning to clear etc. etc. On a larger scale, the rain sometimes comes with such force, that the violence of its impact can wash away everything in its path.

I know how vital time with God is, just as the rain falling is vital to the continuation of life and prosperity for the earth. That head knowledge can get rejected when we allow a sense of inconvenience based on current circumstances to overrule the natural, obvious blessing of receiving this gift. From the sanctuary of my own private car, the rain can come across as an obstacle. But I find a joy in standing in the rain. If I would get out of the car and stand in the rain, I would be free to experience its refreshing.

Just so, if I would put down my busyness and allow Him to wash over me, I would no longer be fooled into thinking that my devotions are a checkbox to fill before heading into the real stuff. My devotions are the real stuff that allows me to be prepared for the journey.

If God is seeming like an inconvenience, I want to encourage you to let Him be that inconvenience. Let Him distract you from the rush. Remember that Mary was commended over Martha as having chosen the better way. The better way is to sit at His feet, to slow down and hear from Him. (Luke 10:1-42).


Sometimes, go slow.