heart1Today had one of those quietly magical moments. As my wife and I waited with anticipation, we heard the sound of static, and noise. There were occassional snatches of Sarah’s heartbeat, and then more static. I was talking to my son, telling him to listen closely, and just when I was resigned to waiting another four weeks, there, rising from the background noise, came the strong, solid 170BPM audible sound of life. And I couldn’t help but thinking, “Good job little bean, good job!” Pride that my unborn child would have a heartbeat is a weird and wonderful feeling, and that sound is one of my favourite sounds ever. 

I’m amazed at the way life occurs, and astounded at the flat out denial people go through with regard to the possibility of a creator behind all this magnificent wonder. 

I know that there is a background noise of pain, suffering, blood and mud, but listen! Listen harder! Be persistent and rising out from that noise will come the defiant, jubilent sound of life! There is suffering because we are full of it, but there is life in abundance because of the one who gives it freely.