It seems that scientific endeavor is proving that most people are easily capable of evil.  Quite an opening statement, huh? But it’s important because the problem of evil, pain and suffering is a real battle for people to overcome.

As the report shows, given the right setting, people will do abhorrent things to one another. What I find interesting is that, in the face of evil, we question why God is not doing anything to stop that evil – but without the freedom to commit attrocity, we are not then free to do that which is good and right. Also, the presumption seems to be that God will not do anything about the evil-doer, yet it is clear  if we read the Bible that He will judge and hold all people accountable.

That’s where Jesus comes in as the solution. But before we go there, do you agree that there is a problem, and that people, all people, are capable of doing wrong? And not only that, do you think everyone has done wrong?