defianceposter1I went to see Defiance at the movies over the weekend. It was a truly powerful movie going experience – you know the kind where your brain is absorbing and logging events to think back to, when your emotions are really keyed in and you know this is an important movie for you to be seeing.

There are so many levels to it, so many narratives that weave, themes that flow through, but by far the most prominent to me was that of community. You can find more backstory and resources on the movie here. The story shows the endurance of community, and that in spite of the environmental constraints and emotional and physical assault, the community of a people can be maintained. In fact, some might say it is at its strongest when in contrast or peril.

I think the wedding scene was a real highlight of this – in the thick of winter, with violence erupting and always threatening, a group of people stand strong in their traditions and find joy, life and celebration to be stronger than fear, death and misery.

Go see this film, absorb it and share your thoughts here.