“I want to see my broken bones stand up and sing!” So cries Aaron Strumpel on the track Fifty One taken from his new album Elephants.

Anyone who saw Aaron Strumpel in support of his previous release, Enter the Worship Circle’s Chair and Microphone vol. 2, knew that the boy had passion. Whilst I’ve been soaking in those stripped down, raw and beautiful songs for the last couple of years, something quite wonderful has happened. Aaron has dug deep into his creativity, and delivered up a set of multi-instrumental, complex and powerful songs that seem to envelop us within the heart of someone yearning for God in the midst of pain, confusion, redemption and hope. Titled Elephants, this is not the place to find trite sayings, or rehashed worship lyrics. The listener is faced with difficult compositions at times – like the off kilter production of Blow out the Wick or the aptly chaotic instrumental Melee, and this is not so much a collection of individual songs, but rather a musical journey to enter into and emerge from jubilant, sure that the beating heart of original creativity is alive and well in honor of the Creator.

Defying genres, Aaron has produced something that Todd Fadel of Agents of Future rightly describes as  an “acoustica-electronica-operatic-spokes-troubadour-for-the-mangled-masses that digs deep with a collection of newly-dusted relational relics of primal pomp.”

Head over to www.myspace.com/aaronstrumpel to hear some tunes, or grab your own Elephant at www.aaronstrumpel.com