I wrote this in preparation for Sunday’s message, based out of Phil. 3:1-11

Oh! Morality…
Thou most wicked of beasts,
Leading men astray with
The promise of redemption by self-sufficient means.
Don’t you know that all your ways
Are nothing more than filthy rags
Which fester in the heat of days
And leave a man desolate?

Come, I will show you your end!
When you call men to live a good life,
Justice cries, “There is none good! No not one!”
When you pervert the course of God
With feet most poorly shod,
Not with the peace of good news,
But with the striving by which we lose…
Then cries a King
Of infinite worth,
Bearing our curse,
“It is finished!”

For you, Morality, in all your glory,
Are but a prostitute in best array,
And the stench of death from you abounds;
You’re a slave ship run aground.

As for me, I shall take the Humble Way,
Bending to a sovereign Truth;
He is my first, my last,
My Risen One,
In Him my life has new begun.