Toucan bird

Image by doug88888 via Flickr

I read a piece on the BBC News website today titled “Space is the final frontier for evolution, study claims” and I thought I’d point something out here. I do not really intend to open up the “evolution vs. intelligent design vs. young earth creationism” debates, I just want to show the blindly circular logic that goes on at times. The study is from a group of PhD students at the University of Bristol in my homeland, England, and they claim that the old survival of the fittest is not the best explanation or catalyst for evolution. Instead, lifeforms need some room to grow.

Evolution, they say, happens “when animals move into empty areas of living space, not occupied by other animals.” And then they give this awesome example:

“For example, when birds evolved the ability to fly, that opened up a vast range of new possibilities not available to other animals. Suddenly the skies were quite literally the limit, triggering a new evolutionary burst.”

So maybe I’m misreading this, or maybe the author of the article for the BBC is misrepresenting the study, but the following seem to be true of the above statement:

a) Birds could not fly at some point.

b) Birds needed to move into the freedom and space of the skies in order to evolve.

c) Birds evolved to be able to fly into the skies so that they could evolve.

So what were they doing? Using a slingshot for extended periods of the day to spend enough time in the air that their bodies, or their offspring, would catch on and evolve wings so that they could fly up their and evolve some more? Or did they merely use a positive mental attitude and imagine they were up there where the air is rare and will themselves to grow wings?

I know I am biased because I cannot accept evolution as valid for two reasons. Firstly, I believe the Bible says God made distinct kinds of things, and not one kind of thing that happened to morph into other kinds. Secondly, evolution as a theory has no evidential grounds, only posturing and speculation. And really weird, illogical claims in university research studies.