Today we begin with our first interview in the vocation series. You can learn more about the series here. This interview is with the guy who fronted this much missed band.

First up, who are you and what do you do?

My name is Steve, and I run a small digital agency, called Blindin, here in the UK. We handle all kinds of creative work, including web, print design, apps, video etc.

Any projects you’re working on right now that you’re excited about?

Currently working on a website for a UK charity and some exciting iPhone apps. Particularly excited about our recent move into video and we have a short film on creation in the works.

How does being a follower of Jesus shape your approach to design?

I think any creative type person, be they a designer, photographer, musician or whatever, would agree that spiritual things can have an effect on their art. Some people go as far as to say that their art is, in itself, spiritual.

The fact that I believe we’re made in the image of the Creator, means I’m personally inspired to push my creativity as far as I can. Plus, I want to be excellent at what I do.

Do you think that mediocrity in creativity is killing the witness about our faith when Christians don’t strive for this excellence?

I think that there’s definite potential for harm when we, in any area of our lives, accept the sub-standard. We should be attractive as Christ-followers because of our energy and passion for the very best. With God’s resources at our fingertips, shouldn’t we be the most creative people of all?

You get to walk in both the creative world and the business world. Do you find that Christ changes your business practices? If so, any specific examples?

There are some people you come across who are unethical or unfair with their business practices. We just stay clear, operate above board, and stay accountable with a third party accountant and business advisor.

Is there always a definite sense of calling in your work, or is it sometimes a bit of a leap?

I’d say God has definitely bought some clients to us for a bigger purpose than just their project. Usually those are the people you really connect with and you just know God’s up to something.

At the end of the day, this is just a job, but we’re actively sharing Christ with the people we meet day to day.

In the world of web design, there is always the potential of being asked to incorporate elements you find distasteful – how do you handle that situation?

There have been a few clients where their content has had the potential to, in our opinion, cross the line. Usually with those clients we’re up front about what we’re willing to host or design.

The clients are generally very respectful.

Final thoughts?

I’d just encourage anyone to experiment creatively. It’s amazing the potential people keep locked away, because they believe they’re ‘not good’ at something.

Big thanks to Steve for being a part of this series. If you’re in the market for design work, this guy is great at his work and a real joy to work with, so check out Blindin.