What with it being Labor Day recently in the US, there was a surge of posts about vocation. Here’s my favorites of the bunch.

Bill Farley gives an excellent perspective on the transition during the Reformation period, from vocation being purely sacred work and everything else being a lower class of secular work, to a redeemed understanding of man’s work in all spheres.

Here an interview and transcript from John Piper on “How can I glorify God on the job?”

And finally, Tullian Tchividjian has written a piece for Leadership Journal and posted it on his blog at The Gospel Coalition. I particularly liked this assertion:

“The most startling aspect of God’s mission is that he has presently enlisted his imperfect people (the church) to carry out his work of revitalization—right where they are!”

We’ve got another interview in the Vocation series coming this Thursday – praying that you are encouraged to see your work as a holy calling, whatever that work is!