A week and a half ago, Mark Dever preached from Mark 12:13-17 in a sermon titled “Jesus Paid Taxes.” I listened to the sermon this morning as I walked the streets of Nampa on the way to the Flying M Coffee Garage. I suggest you listen to the audio from here:

Jesus Paid Taxes

There were several points made that I really appreciated, especially in light of the vocation series I’ve been working through. We are called, as Christians, to be good citizens, working for the good of the state we live in, in obedience to the government, and in ultimate obedience to God. The only time we should not obey the civil government is when they ask us to do something that contravenes God’s commands to us. Rebellion for personal betterment or personal protection from loss is not approved of on self-motivating grounds. Part of our witness is submitting to the law of the land. I feel like I’m giving away too much. Go and listen to the sermon (68 minutes total) and then come back.

After that, how does the following quote relate to your own life? What are ways that you can apply this in your own context?

“Give that coin back to Caesar, but give your life to God.”

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