I’m wrapping up the vocation series, at least for now. I’ve had some suggestions on ways to continue it and might do so at a later date. But for now, in case you missed any of the interviews, here’s a list:

Vocation Introduction

Interview #1 – Stevo Williams @Blindin Design – web design and business for the glory of God

Interview #2 – Brad Hawkes @New Generation UK – equipping students to live missionally in educational settings

Interview #3 – Chad Johnson @Come&Live – radical change and musicianaries abound

Interview #4 – Sharad Yadav @Nampa Bible Church – vocational community in Idaho

Interview #5 – Mary Portteus @MaryMakesArt/Hope+Healing – art, compassion and perseverance as calling

I also had a brief sidenote here to clarify and correct myself.