Yesterday the following happened:

1) I prayed in spiritual warfare with a brother in the parking lot of the Flying M Coffee Garage. It was impromptu and cool.

2) I got asked at work my opinion on ghosts. So I told ’em that ghosts are categorically not the disembodied spirits of people wandering around, because that’s not what the Bible tells us. Instead, it’s most likely demonic supernatural activity designed to either a) deceive b) incite fear c) distract from Jesus or d) all of the above. Then I told the guy involved that he did not have to stay at a haunted hotel with his young daughter. As a Christian father, he doesn’t have to fear the devil, but he doesn’t have to take his child into a battlezone either!

3) I stopped an angry, drunk homeless man from harassing our next door neighbor’s teenage daughter and thought he was going to beat me up instead. He was very drunk, very angry and it was very sad. But he left and my wife and I prayed for him.

So how was your day?