I’ve taken to using a pocket Moleskine for writing notes during a sermon, and for preaching from. My main goal on the preaching front is to force me to condense my structure, which in turn makes sure I have really committed things to memory, leaves me more mobile and, most importantly, leaves ample room for the Spirit to highlight important things on the fly and change my plan to look like His.

In the notetaking part, I’ll sometimes put annotations in for review (checkboxes for actions, question marks for return study, masses of scribbles for attention grabbing etc.). One of the checkbox actions is “Blog This” because certain turns of phrase either spoken or inferred from the speaker will capture my attention. Last Sunday, Pastor Jim continued to exhort us to be salt and light, and this was within the context of being ready to give a reason for our hope (1 Peter 3:15). I wrote down “we are strategically placed to meet people in their moments of crisis” and then mentally shortened it to “Strategically Scattered.”

That’s what I believe about our present condition as redeemed sons and daughters of the Living God. We are not carelessly cast about, but instead we are deliberately dispersed throughout our cities in order to preach the Gospel with words and actions. The job you have, the place you find yourself in, the people you are around – these things are no result of chance, fortune or misfortune, but are the well-orchestrated plans of our God with the purpose of drawing people to Him for His glory and our joy.

So today, be thankful for where you are and open your eyes to see the work He has set before you. Your mission field is unique, because it is your life lived to the glory of God and for the fame of Jesus’ name!