I got an email from Google Chrome OS telling me I’m eligible to receive a free notebook for testing of their new OS. Needless to say I accepted the challenge and am awaiting the response. For all my personal computing I currently use a Mac laptop, and though I’ve reduced my desktop applications, the ones I have I love. In fact, there’s a couple that are just requisite for me to get work done like sermon preparation (namely, Logos 4). But I have always been drawn to cloud computing. I get so frustrated having multiple address books, document collections etc. etc.

So, in the interest of comparison, and as a neat little experiment, I’m proposing to limit myself to using web based products for one month and blog about my experience. The only thing I will use my Mac desktop applications for is sermon preparation and iTunes – no sign of a cloud version yet. Other than that, I’m going strictly web based. Ugh. That frightens me.

I just made the leap to Google Calendar and finally figured out a workflow for syncing my Address Book and Google Contacts.

Since the Chrome OS is very much like the Chrome browser, if I do not get one of the notebooks, I’ll run the experiment on my MacBook using the Chrome Browser. Once underway, I’ll post blogs about what web based alternatives I’m using, how my workflow is impacted and what the advantages/disadvantages are.

That’s the plan. I’ll need to pick a start date, which I’ll do once I hear about the pilot program. Stand by.

For the curious amongst you, here’s a guided tour of Google Chrome: