I often have worship music playing in the car when I drive, but my drive to work is not very long – about 1.5 miles. Chances of a particular song and a particular moment intersecting are remote, but this morning proved the rule.

I am still listening to Josh White’s astounding Achor, and whilst I was considering some issues our local church is facing, and wondering just what on earth and in heaven is going to happen to change those things, I heard the following lines from “Awake”:

“God knows all we want to do is sing
Till there’s nothing left to bring.
To the throne of grace we climb
Step by step in these difficult times.”

And when I say I heard those lines, I really heard them. I heard a community of people journeying together in the face of hardship and suffering. And my heart was pierced.

I wanted to weep. I almost did, but it was staved off by a) the fact I was driving and b) I was so close to work, it would be a tough gig walking into the office bawling. It was good tears that I held back though, the kind that spring up when we realize that this is not a solo race.

We are not alone.

We do not journey in isolation.

We walk as a community with and in the presence of God.

We do not need to fear.