The experiment has begun. Well, it sort of began this morning, and then I just realized I failed already. I am going to attempt to spend almost all my time working in the cloud for the rest of this month. I will be leveraging Google Chrome on my MacBook (since Google failed to select me for a free test notebook), and many web services along with the browser. As I explained in my previous post on the subject, I have thus far failed to find a suitable music alternative to iTunes. I’m not a big Pandora fan because I’m not a big radio fan, and having tried Grooveshark only to get mired down in buggy behavior, choppy playback and some bad audio compression, I just cannot bring myself to do that. So iTunes will still be used, and when I am studying for preaching I will be using Logos software.

Other than that, I’m going browser all the way. One more thing though, and it is related to how my fail already happened: the question of storage. Currently, the Google Notebooks don’t have any form of hard drive. There’s the browser and… well, that’s it, unless you count a USB port that is seemingly just for looks. As such, the question stands – how exactly do you get content from devices and into the cloud? Or how do you get them OUT of the cloud? On my MacBook, there’s no such concern, since I have a whole hard drive to utilize.

Here’s what happened with the fail. I wrote an article using Google Docs in the browser (good start) and was composing an email in GMail. When I clicked for an attachment, it took me to my local hard drive with no discernable way to get to my Google Docs. I didn’t want to scratch the email, go to Google Docs and send it from there, so I just downloaded the document out of the cloud, then attached it back into the cloud for the email I had already composed.

I’m sure there’s a way around this but I didn’t register that I needed to figure that out. I just did what was known and natural. If I’m going to get pictures and audio into the cloud to edit them there and then get them onto the blog, I will have to allow myself this functionality too.

Anyway, let the games begin.