Last year’s crazy challenge in our house was to read the entire Bible, chronologically, in 90 days. We achieved that and actually intend to do another 90 day read through starting sometime in April. More details as we get it planned out. In the meantime, Sarah and I are getting back on the bandwagon of Scripture memorization. Both of us are very keen on growing in the area of Biblical counselling and one of the bits of advice I gleaned from reading a post by David Powlison (I think it was him at least) was to really know the book of Ephesians. Ephesians contains a veritable wealth of truth that assists in many areas of counsel. As such, I suggested we memorize the book. Why do things half-heartedly, right?

We actually got started on this back in the autumn of last year, but ended up letting it slide. I think we got 14 verses into chapter 1. At the end of the year I saw lots of posts from Timmy Brister and The Resurgence about a project called Partnering to Remember. This is the second year and they’re working on Philippians. But LAST year was Ephesians. I took the print outs of the ESV text from Tim’s site, and created two MemorySkine’s from the prints and a couple of Cahier style Moleskine notebooks. These were then inserted into our Christmas stockings. Here are a couple of snaps of mine:

The plan is to have Ephesians memorized in around 20 weeks. That’s a lot of work, but it should be a lot of small amounts of work. John Piper had a particularly useful post on the subject here. If anyone else wants to jump on the bible memory train, post in the comments and we’ll rock this out together. Or you can get on the Philippians project with loads of other people!