The team behind Logos and are about to launch a new kind of church presentation software. At Cornerstone we currently use MediaShout on our only remaining PC. Personally, I’d have switched to Mac and ProPresenter if budget had allowed. But now there’s a new kid on the block: Proclaim Online.

As the name suggests, it is cloud based and thus allows for collaboration and preparation before Sunday morning so that any changes or additions are taken care of well in advance of the worship gathering.

Go to their site and check out the video, and sign up for a chance to preview the service for free when it launches.

Since I’m doing this Chrome Experiment in cloud computing, I’m very interested to see how well they implement the service. The glaringly obvious thing right now is what to do in the event of a network failure at your church meeting location, but maybe there are provisions for downloading the presentation… we’ll have to wait and see.