A week or so into the Chrome Experiment and here’s my review of the best and worst of it all so far.


As evidenced by the last post in the series, my experience with Evernote and the ESV Online application was perfect. And naturally, the Google suite of tools is powerful and efficient in the cloud. GMail, Google Calendar and Google Reader have all served me faithfully.

It’s been really good to have everything under one umbrella, and the syncing feature of Chrome has been flawless so far.

I’ve achieved writing in the cloud, scheduling, communications, media consumption (via Hulu), reading and journaling. I’ve also been working on some other content creation but that can hold for next week…

And the Lowlights

I really have tried, but the music offerings have failed me consistently. I made a sweet Massive Attack vibed station on Pandora Radio today, but things like Grooveshark and mSpot have been slow, flakey and annoying. So I’m still using iTunes for my music.

Task management has also been tough to pin down. In the desktop world I use Things by Cultured Code. The app is powerful, and syncs with my phone easily. And they are bringing some functionality the cloud sometime. But all of the alternatives I’ve tried online have been a let down for functionality. The search will continue.

I’ve turned my hand to using Microsoft Office’s cloud based version and made a simple powerpoint presentation. The end result is pleasant and will do the job but the app was slow to use. Next week I’ll test SlideRocket for comparison. Making presentation slides is painstaking enough for me as it is. I don’t need the app to be slow as well!

Last but not least in my list of gripes, this week was the launch of the Mac App Store. Yes, I’ve downloaded some stuff, but all of it with the soul crushing guilt that this was not a cloud action. Other than downloading the application from the cloud I suppose. But still, some of the giddy joy was stolen by my self-imposed ban that I’m rapidly proving to be no good at abiding by.

Here’s to another week!