Part of the expansion of Reflective Musings this year is the inclusion of audio. There’s a post coming about that, but as part of the Chrome Experiment I thought I’d check out the offerings from Aviary is a full suite of web apps for content creation and editing in the cloud, which I think is pretty neat. So, to start with, we have Myrna, the audio editing/recording tool.

Anyone who has spent time in a digital audio workstation like Garageband, Logic or Prosound will get the idea very fast. You can import audio to tracks, be it from your hard drive or from a loop library of shared loops on Aviary, or other third-party sites. You can also record directly to the application via a built in microphone or USB mic attached to your computer. Now that’s pretty nifty, but it has a limitation. Listen to the audio here to find out:

Then there is Roc, which provides a place to create audio loops from a wealth of instruments. Here’s a beat I put together:

Both are easy to use, and it’s amazing what can be done with a cloud based application. That said, in Myrna I found the 2 minutes of recording time somewhat limiting! If you want to record a podcast, it’s not the way to go and definitely requires an alternative application! And in terms of creating loops in Roc, I’m not sure what to do for customizing loop length, and the interface only allows for sound event entry on pre configured subdivisions of measures. Compared to Garageband and co., these are bare bones, but maybe that’s all some people need?

Still, these aren’t going to tempt me away from the desktop anytime soon.

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