Dear Mr. Saddington,

It seems that today you set a task for bloggers about being creative. Jonny spent the day staring at me, reminiscing about how his sons had received me and my twin brother at Christmas from his parents in England. He recalled how flippantly those boys discarded us once the somewhat restrictive wrapping paper was removed, and how quickly he and Sarah embraced us in honour of all that we represent: PG Tips tea. Yes, I am indeed that monkey. Here I am, now, at the office where Jonny spends his days, whilst my bro gets to hang on the shelf at home next to that delicious smelling tea.

So you see, Mr. Saddington, whilst you set this task to bloggers across the world, you failed to consider how it would impact us, the objects of their attention. I’ve been stared at and ruminated over more than a sock-puppet monkey would ever care for, and all it has brought me is remembrance of a land once loved, a brother once played with, and delicious hot tea that I see no more. Basically, you ruined my day.

Next time, Mr. Saddington, have a care.

Yours faithfully,