I was having dinner with some friends last night and found out that there are people who read even more than I read. That isn’t too surprising unless you consider that one of our mutual acquaintances read 75 books last year, and that’s not counting children’s books! That is an astounding amount of reading and if you’re ever going to remember what you’ve read and keep track of everything you want to read, you need a system.

You can use pen and paper, a spreadsheet, or a library account system, but for the web-enabled who want something more visually compelling, you might want to sign up for a free account on Shelfari.

Shelfari lets you input the books you’ve already read, keep track of what you are currently reading and make that ever-important list of books you intend to read. As you add these books from the database, they appear on your customizable shelf. Books can have reviews entered, star ratings given and much more in terms of details.

These shelves can then be posted on other sites via embed codes. On the site itself, here’s a look at my list of planning to read:

With this come social networking capabilities as groups are formed, friends are incorporated from existing networks and the online book club goes wild. This is a really great service I’ve been using for a while and is well worth checking out if you devote much time at all to reading.

Do you read a lot? What value do you see in a service like Shelfari?