Continuing with some of the quotes from Richard Baxter’s The Godly Home, this time from the chapter on the governing of families:

If you would be skillful in governing others, learn first to command yourselves.

…be sure that your own souls are entirely subjected unto God and that you more accurately obey his laws than you expect any inferior should obey your commands. If you dare disobey God, why should they fear disobeying you?

…make the enjoyment of God in glory  to be the ultimate commanding end, both of the affairs and government of your family and of all things else with which you are entrusted.

I’m still thoroughly enjoying reading Baxter. There’s plenty of stuff to argue over, but the general thrust of the work is solid instruction. And a quick reminder, when he uses words like “inferior”, they don’t mean the same as we may take them to mean today, here referring to one who is under your authority, not that they are less valuable than the one governing.