Brad Hawkes

Meet Brad. He still likes beards.

After having run an interview here a few months ago, Jon recently extended the generous invitation to come and be part of the community of contributors here at Reflective Musings. I gladly obliged, and plan to stop by with a guest blog from time to time, starting with a short introduction. Here goes.

I’m a 30-something believer, husband, and dad. Although currently based in Birmingham, England, I consider myself mostly Australian, partly-Swedish, and only slightly British. I’ve been a cook, a van driver, a manager, a missionary, an English teacher, a child-minder, an interpreter, an international coordinator, and a charity chairman,

I like food, love coffee, and I have a thing for tees and sneakers (oh, the vanity!). I’m also shamelessly shallow when it comes to technology i.e. no apples on the packaging = no point. Having (mis)spent my youth throwing myself down stairs and handrails on a wheeled piece of wood, I’m still looking for a more sophisticated pastime.

Apart from the shirt and shoe collections, I also hoard music, books and Bibles, and when I’m not swilling copious amounts of caffeiney beverages or pretending to speak a foreign language, you’ll probably find me indulging in some preachy podcast or talking about the Church. Faith fascinates me, as do all forms of Christian expression.

I’d like to think I’m part of a generation that will be a catalyst for bringing believers from all walks of life together to unite around living for others and being the change we want to see. I’d like to think I’ll see the day when the walls separating society and the church are gone. I long for the day when Christians are known for compassion and commitment to living their faith, not just speaking it…and for loving their neighbours not just in word, but in deed. Whilst I’m really not that interested in “the latest church program” or some new form of “hipster Christianity”, I do hope to see a progressive Church that is creative and innovative, not only knowing and engaging culture, but influencing it.

With most of my time going to family and Christ-centered schools work, a lot of what I write tends to revolve around marriage, fatherhood, leadership, young people and the Church. If any of that is of interest, come and pay my posts a visit here at RM or over on my blog To check out the New Generation Network I’m a part of leading, head on over to

I look forward to joining you readers and being part of the conversation.