This son of mine, David Isaac, is impressing me more and more. He turned three at the beginning of December, and along with his great vocabulary has come the power of deductive reasoning. We’ve had two rounds of stomach flu in our house, the first striking on Christmas and the second hitting Charlie, David and me this week. Thankfully, Sarah dodged the second go around so far. The day that David puked four times in the bathroom, not once in the toilet though, was a day when he could not run around as per usual, and instead was forced to recline on the sofa, watched a movie and looked quite pitiful. This was two days ago.

Today, Sarah called me to report the following conversation (or thereabouts):

Dig: Mummy, my tummy hurts.

Sarah: I’m sorry David, let me pray for you.

Dig: But Mummy my tummy hurts. My tummy wants to watch a movie.

Yes! The connection has been made! David has a desire (to watch a movie) and he needs a way to make this happen, because usually the answer is no unless it is a special family movie night. But, aha!, when he had a bad tummy he was not only allowed, but also encouraged, to watch a movie. Therefore, bypassing the nasty business of puking, he cheerfully announced that his tummy hurt and that his tummy wanted to watch a movie, knowing this would set the world right.

He does the same thing with Pooh Bear (who he’s had since he was born and won’t be without). Occasionally, we’ll hear, “Pooh Bear wants a treat.” And, should Pooh Bear happen to receive a treat, that would surely mean David would get one too, right?!

Yes, my sweet son, your powers of observation and your advanced methods of manipulation are remarkable for one your age, but the answer is still not in your favor. Still, I do love you so.