Over at TentBlogger, John Saddington got me thinking about advertising, money making and being generally profitable through blogging. I’ve thought about financial goals for this blog and, honestly, if I can make a little cash to buy a premium theme (like Standard), that would be great. But that isn’t my main goal. I’m blogging for other reasons.

How does traditional advertising fit in then? Frankly, it really does not. I’m not intending to make a living off of this site, and I don’t really want to be starting the complexities of a self run business come tax time next year. Working two jobs already, I don’t need a third. But what if I can do something different. Here’s the idea, and I’m interested to get some feedback.

Look to the right of the post and you’ll see a six block of ads. Four of those ads are for non-profits that I love. I offered those spaces to them for free because it’s a small way to support them. I had an idea on how to expand that support. What if, rather than paying me for advertising, people sponsored one of those charities and took their ad space for a 30 day block? Logistically, I have no idea how I’d do verification yet, but it would be a way to support those organizations more than I am able to on my own.

So what do you think? Stupid or new and exciting? Would anyone actually do it, that’s the question…