At Cornerstone, we’ve had the pleasure of hosting Dick Williams many times now and every time he visits with us is refreshing, encouraging and good. He is one of the more unique visiting ministers you may encounter, armed with a 12-string guitar, a strong voice and a real gift with words; his ministry is primarily prophetic. He has a wealth of songs he has written over the years and he weaves these into a thematic message, offering words of personal prophecy to people along the way.

If you’re about to leave this blog because you think I’ve gone in off the deep end, then I’m sad to see you go. I believe the Scriptures give ample evidence of the prophetic being normal within the church, and to sit under Mr. Williams’ ministry is to be blessed by a man who is steeped in the Word of God. As our pastor put it, listening to him having spent a lifetime in the Bible, you hear those same things overflowing in the songs and words offered.

At yesterday’s meetings there were a couple of words that really hit home for me:

1) God is invading the arts and media redemptively.

2) The Father is pouring out the Spirit and the manifest gifts of the Spirit on churches that have traditionally stayed well away from those crazy charismatics.

The reality of a blending of the rich doctrinal passion and power of reformed churches with the present day working of the Holy Spirit is happening right now, and it is a growing move of God. It is this move of his that puts fire in my bones and motivates me as I see God at work in his people for his glory and their good.

And to see that occur also in the realm of the arts is just another confirmation of where I see the Lord leading me, my family and our body here in Nampa, Idaho. Here’s to what’s happening now and next!