The following is my response to this morning’s devotional reading:

Then he said, “Let me go, for the day has broken.” But Jacob said, “I will not let you go unless you bless me.”
(Genesis 32:26 ESV)

Jacob gets some alone time and finds himself wrestling with God. The importance of this encounter rests here in verse 26, as we see Jacob move from uncertainty to determination. God is not just God of his fathers, but is now God to him too, and Jacob has become sure that God’s blessing is what matters.

With a dislocated hip, and after hours of wrestling, here is Jacob refusing to concede without receiving a blessing. What tenacity!

When I am in need, how long am I willing to wrestle? How long will I engage alone with God, and with how much injury will I press onwards? If, like Jacob, I am convinced that I must receive God’s blessing, then no hardship, tiredness or anxiety could stop me. But sometimes I think I live as though God’s blessing were the best available option but not the essential thing. I live as though it would be really nice to be blessed, but I’ll get by without if he doesn’t. What foolishness on my part!

Today, Lord God, I contend for blessing from your hand. Today, I set my heart to wrestle and ask and petition. As we enter a season of prayer and fasting for Foursquare, we need your blessing. We need you to name us. We need you to call us and send us out. We need to know you are with us and for us. As one of the family, I wrestle today for your blessing.