I love Joe Day’s album from 2010, Grace. It runs through to the end, kicks back into track 1 and just keeps on going. Rich in theology, great songwriting and awesome tones throughout – it’s one of the perfect worship albums for me to love Jesus and consider the greatness of God. Today, driving on a mercy mission to a satellite office where computers were misbehaving, I was listening to the album and contemplating our Easter services this year. The current plan is a Good Friday service and our Easter celebration. Typically, we have not had a Good Friday service.

As I listened to the track “What Have We Done” I was wrecked by the truth of what I did to Jesus. The song is going in the Good Friday service.

Then the final two tracks, “For Your Goodness” and “Christ Is Risen”, had me thinking about Sunday, when we celebrate that Jesus is not dead, he is risen. And I thought about baptism and how excited I am to see people get baptized and how amazing it will be as the Lord saves people and they rise from the waters to new life.

And then I thought about my sons. And I thought about baptizing them. And I started crying.

Keep in mind I’m driving on the freeway. It is never an opportune time to cry whilst driving.

That said, it caused me to realize that there is a desire of my heart that outburns all other desires. It is the desire and the hope to see my sons come into the Kingdom of God. It is my hearts cry to the Father that he would save them. It is my joyful expectation that I shall baptize them into new life in Christ. That is why I wept, and I am unashamed to share that with you.

God, you have given us two beautiful boys. Make them yours.