On Friday, February 11th, Cornerstone Gallery hosted the opening of the (he)art show. Envisioned by Erica Kafka, it was an endeavor to create 30 unique pieces of art based on the theme of love. It was almost a year ago that we first talked about the project and it’s been so exciting to see the plans come together.

Other local artists were invited to participate (Mary Portteus, Josh Pratt, Lindsie Greear and Sarah Griffiths) and musicians were lined up to play through the night. Walls in the gallery area were repainted, cakes and other treats were baked, and posters were put up around town.

On Friday night, with a still raging head cold, I arrived at 7pm to help set up for the musicians. At 8pm, the doors opened and the evening got under way. I have to be honest – I was not prepared for the turnout, and that’s nothing to do with the quality of art (phenomenal) or the hard work of advertising that went on. I just didn’t know that Nampa had that many people wanting to spend Friday night at a local art gallery that manages to do a show or two a year. I have deep hopes to engage and encourage the arts community here, but I didn’t recognize how far along it has already come.

I’m hopeful as we continue into this year that we’ll see a continuing growth in the life of the church with regard to the arts. For now, if you want to check out the current gallery, our Sunday service is from 9.30am until noon, and the gallery is available from 9am (the gallery is in the rear of our worship space). For information on visiting check out the Cornerstone Worship Center website.