This is the morning where we triple check all the drawers and cram things back into bags. We are leaving sunny, warm San Diego and heading back to Nampa, ID where, allegedly, it is snowing. I will have a couple of posts to share later this week with my thoughts on vacations and such. I also finished Wilkerson’s Redemption and started on the 25th anniversary edition of Piper’s Desiring God. I didn’t get as much reading done as I hoped, but I got a lot more hang time with my family and that’s a trade I will always take.

The hard part is that all this crazy, funny, sweet time with Sarah and the boys is about to get drastically reduced as the world of work returns. That is the hard part, but I am also really looking forward to work again, and I have a LOT to do. With a youth summer camp Sarah and I will be teaching, Easter week preparations, creation and launch of the Table for our church and a load more blogging, dreaming and scheming, it’s a full time. That doesn’t even touch on the things I’m involved in with the IT job I work too.

So here’s to vacations, and work, and know that I missed you all whilst I was away.