This is from my devotions yesterday.

Reading Lev. 1-3 highlighted something important. Bringing an offering to the Lord is work. You couldn’t just push the lamb into the fire or throw a pre-shot bird up on the altar. You couldn’t even bring a store-bought loaf of bread. God is not trying to fill his pantry or create a petting zoo. He is bringing glory to His name and changing the hearts of His people. Offerings take work and dedication. Offerings take time. Offerings cost the giver something.

Being a joyful giver does not mean being a careless giver. What we give comes at a loss to us personally, but we are so thankful to give it to the Lord because He is so good. It’s like having the best ice cream sundae and giving it to your kids instead. Sure, it cost you the loss of the ice cream, but you get the deeper joy of delighting your kids.

How we give is equally important. Again, it cannot be careless. Don’t try to dash into the sanctuary and rush off to some other business you deem more pressing. The Lord is looking for worshipers, not personal shoppers.

Be deliberate in your offerings. Be conscious of what you give, how you give it and rejoice that God would receive such a thing from your hands.