It’s been a long, silent summer on the blog. I’ve taught a youth camp on sex, read a little here and there, preached more services than normal and dreamed some big dreams. This new book from Nancy Guthrie has sat faithfully on my nightstand awaiting some time for review and tonight I finally got to do so. Crossway published it last month and I received a review copy as part of their blog review program.

The first in a new series called Seeing Jesus in the Old Testament, this book is called The Promised One and is a look at Genesis with the purpose of seeing the story, fulfillment and promise of Christ in that first book of the Scriptures. The series is a Bible based group study, this one designed to last 10 weeks. It is marketed in some sectors as a study for women, though that may be because it is authored by a woman within a market where the subject of authority can be sensitive. I daresay some men will enjoy this study too, though that may be crossing a line for others. My personal position is, quite simply, that Nancy Guthrie is not my pastor. I can evaluate her work with the Scriptures just like any other author with no obligation of submission based on local church membership. I know that others disagree with me, but that’s a different matter.

The study begins its inaugural week with Jesus on the road to Emmaus. There is a teaching chapter, followed by a discussion guide for group conversation. After this, the following nine weeks begin with a personal Bible study section, then the teaching chapter and discussion guide. The material is not for slouches! It deals with text and context, calls grammatical and linguistic features to light and asks penetrating questions that will take more than stock answers to really get to grips with them. After setting the need from Jesus own post-resurrection words (Luke 24:25-27), Guthrie takes us through Creation, The Fall, Noah and the Flood, the Tower of Babel, Abraham, Abraham and Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, and the Sons of Jacob. The teaching chapters are well written, with personal anecdotes for a more intimate connection, and most importantly lots of Bible reference and cross-reference.

This study would be a great tool and resource for people wanting to delve into the person and work of Jesus as revealed in the Old Testament. It is well presented, clearly taught and engaging material that will bring to light the glories of Christ and help solidify hope and faith in his return.


A review copy was provided to me at no charge by the publisher. No attempt was made to gain a favorable review, and all opinions and recommendations expressed are the author’s own.