“The story of the Bible is not only the greatest story and not only the truest story. It is also the only story that makes sense of our lives.”

Welcome to the Story is another solid release from Crossway Books. Written by Stephen Nichols, the book is a guide to reading and understanding the Bible in terms of story, narrative arc and themes. The writing is engaging and conversational, avoiding an academic tone without ditching well thought through ideas, theories and applications. It’s also a pretty brief book which makes sense. If you’re writing a book designed to encourage people to read the Bible, and equip them to read it more accurately with personal engagement, then penning a fat volume of weighty material is the last thing needed.

Instead, the chapters are quick and accessible, starting with an introduction before outlining a story arc familiar to many today: Creation-Fall-Redemption-Restoration. This provides a good framework for understanding a lot of the Scriptures and how they fit together.

After this the focus moves into a more practical outworking of the idea showing how this transforms our reading into times of profound implication in our lives. For anyone that has considered the Bible a dead text, one lacking relevance or purpose in life, Nichols provides a passionate argument and structured practice to instruct and encourage better and more profitable reading.

The book doesn’t break new ground per se but for a discipleship tool that won’t bore the leader you can’t find a better introduction to the Story formed way of reading.

A review copy was provided to me at no charge by the publisher. No attempt was made to gain a favorable review, and all opinions and recommendations expressed are the author’s own.