Today was the beginning of our journey through Advent. We have not participated in Advent in a formal way before, but with the vision of Erica Kafka for a progressive art piece on one of the walls of our gallery, we made the decision to teach through the themes of Hope, Preparation, Joy and Love, culminating with our traditional Christmas Eve service.

Pastor Jim preached today on hope, and told us that, “Advent is all about hope, because hope is all about advent.” In the Big A sense of Advent, the liturgical procession towards Christmas, hope is found in the already-arrival of Messiah. Jesus has been born, the Word has already taken on flesh, and the ridiculous expectancy of the prophets has been vindicated. But advent looks forward, too, because it is a reminder that as Christ has already come, he will also return a second time. Our waiting is marked by a confident expectation. Hope and advent are so intertwined as to be inseparable.

The season of watching and waiting continues for us today, and our progression through this season of Advent serves to remind us that from the sometimes-seeming-silence will come the Answer, the Word, the One who has made all things and will make all things new.

Our hope is not based on feeling.

Our hope is not based on disposition.

Our hope is based on, and in, God.

We hope in God’s Word, as he is our hope.