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It’s a new year, and today I was blessed to sit under two sessions from Pastor Jim. For our worship time he preached from Joshua 1:1-9 and detailed how we must partner with God in the process of possessing the promises of God. This was a good encouragement for us as we enter 2012, and one that really drove home the need to be in God’s Word so that we know the commands, promises and assurances that God has made.

Our second session, during our regular Sunday School time, was a refresher on worship. I’ve heard Pastor Jim speak several times on the duty, delight and blessing of being a worshiper. It has always been encouraging and challenging; today was no exception! I think my biggest take away was from his first main point:

You are responsible for the quality of your worship experience.

What he meant was that it your duty and responsibility to enter into worship. It is not about having a cool band, the rights songs, a perfect atmosphere or a particular feeling. God commands that we worship. Our assignment is to be worshipers, to be a priesthood (1 Pet. 2:9) and as Jim taught about the need to reject emotionalism (the act of being led by emotion) in favor of worshiping God as a forceful choice sometimes in spite of our emotions, it dawned on me that the work of worship leads to the wonder of worship.

We often want worship to be easy. In fact, we are in danger often of considering true and authentic worship to be as such, and anything else is false or hypocritical. As Jim said, it is never hypocritical to obey God.

As we will engage ourselves, heart, mind, soul and strength, to the delightful duty of worship, whether our feelings are on board yet, we more often than not find ourselves transported to a place of wonder as we gaze upon the awesome glory of God.

Work to wonder; what a great life to pursue!