I once had a giddy night listening to some live recordings of Milano playing for a radio station. It culminated in me emailing the band with unabashed delight, expressing that they are on the line-up for my fantasy show. If I could see a couple of bands live, it’s going to be Milano and Radiohead. I’d add Mutemath in that mix now having seen them, but that’s besides the point. A few weeks after sending the email I had one of those awkward, “Did I behave like a weird teenage obsessive?”

Then I saw a tweet that Mr. Guerra and his cohorts had released a new single. And upon listening to it, I’m reminded all the more as to why I sent that email. It wasn’t a dramatically silly thing to do. It was merely the overflowing expression of delight in response to the creative work these musicians are pouring forth. Festival is everything the title would imply – a journey of exultant music and words, mixed with invitation to come along for all the fun and mystery on offer, from its dance-tinged intro, to the hand claps and many layers of sound mixed with clarity and energy by James Auwarter.

There’s a B-side that is marked with Jon’s cheek and charm. What Do You Mean By That? is playful in tone but might sting for those it lovingly pokes at, unveiling the ridiculous things we so often say. The subcultures we dwell in can make us oblivious to our own jargon, and even worse when we don’t work hard to communicate and think hard about what we say. “Take a second before opening your mouth” is some great advice. “I can’t make it out when you make it up” is the sad cry of many who aren’t hearing what people are trying to say because they aren’t making any sense. So please don’t be offended, just think a little more before you speak.

I heart Milano. You should listen to them and heart them too.