As my feet scrambled over icy roads this morning, I deviated from my Podcast plan and listened to one of my favorite albums of 2011. Manchester Orchestra released Simple Math in May, 2011 and whilst some long-term fans were not so won over, I was blown away by the music, lyrics and honesty of the recording. This morning, I sank back into the tones, transparency and tension and as I listened to the progression of thought in the title track, I rested in the last line.

Simple math, the truth cannot be fractioned

I imply I’ve got to get it back then

I’m still not clear on what Andy Hull, the songwriter, was driving at personally, but it sent my brain down a trail thinking about the primacy of God, the gospel, truth and other interrelated things. And there I settled on the understanding that you cannot part and parcel the person of God. You cannot pick and choose, fractioning the ways and nature of God as revealed in the Bible. Either he is or he isn’t, but he’s not a portion. If truth must be fractioned to be true, then it’s not real. And that got me thinking about prime numbers.

Prime numbers are only divisible by themselves or one. They cannot be divided into other fractions. The number one – the Lord our God is one. The number three – the holy trinity, three in one. I was delighted by this simple math, this primacy of God, and the understanding that you have to take him all. If you’ve lost a part, do not settle to limp on by, because without that fraction you do not have truth. Get it back.