Authority is a brand new release from Jamie Munson. Having rebranded Money, first released on Re:Lit during his time pastoring at Mars Hill Church, Seattle, Authority is the second in the series of three books coming out. Releasing exclusively as an ebook, Munson has packed a lot of thought and life into the short book. 33 pages might sound like a mere chapter to many people, but Munson wrote the book for people like himself (those who don’t like long books) and hasn’t wasted his words.

This results in dense ideas crafted with accessibility to provide the most punch and greatest value. Gold doesn’t need to be in vast quantities to be valuable and to shine.

The subject matter is pertinent for today’s society, where the individual rules, the societal structures are always questioned, and the word ‘submission’ is equivalent to a cuss word. Beginning with the theological grounds, Munson shows how authority and submission are built into the relational nature of the trinity, what this means for us made in his image, how we should and shouldn’t wield authority, and the ways we submit to authority. He also does a great job of showing the inherent goodness of authority/submission when practiced correctly.

“Authority equals responsibility. Those of us who are leaders have responsibility, which means we have the opportunity to respond faithfully and steward what we are given for God’s glory. We are entrusted with the blessing of authority in order to be a blessing to our people.”

Get that? Authority is means of blessing for the people we lead in serving.

Since almost everyone is both in authority and under authority, this book isn’t just for people who lead churches or organizations. There is a lot of work done in understanding the various types of authority and how we should relate to people in authority.

“Understanding the authority framework someone is operating from allows you to speak their language and know where they are coming from.”

I think Authority is a great resource for individuals and teams to work through, finding both correction and encouragement within its pages.

I received a copy of the Authority ebook in pdf for review. No effort was made to coerce a positive review and all opinions expressed are my own.