I quit my job. I did it seven months early, and that was six and a half months ago. With two weeks to go, I feel like a kid who got a reprieve of the band-aid removal, but now has the sudden sting of separation to face. It’s a good thing, but still with associated anxiety. I am not alone in this move. My wife, and my children, are all part of my deliberate pursuit of God’s calling to leave the double full-time life of bi-vocational ministry behind, and step into a singular focus on our Foursquare family.

On September 5th I will say farewell to my IT duties, overeat at a local sushi joint, and take the plunge. Quitting is cool. Quitting is scary. But in quitting I am starting. My no to the old gives space for my yes to the new. The Christian life has us putting off the old, being renewed, and putting on the new. There’s something important about learning to say no. We are prone to over-scheduling ourselves, cramming the days full until the seams burst and all our stuffing is left on the living room floor. And it’s hard to get that stuffing back in properly. Better to not get to the breaking point.

This is just a heads up that life is about to change drastically for the Griffs. If you want to know more, head over to JesusLovesNampa.com and watch a little movie we made earlier in the year. And if you feel like supporting our crazy pursuit there’s a link to do so on that site.

Pray for us. To the adventure!