Bethel Music returns four years after their last live recording (2012’s For the Sake of the World) with a double-disc, 16 track record titled Have It All. Lead by Brian & Jenn Johnson, the team of creatives have worked to weave their seasons of sorrow, joy, struggle, and victory into songs for the church that point to the God we worship.

“At the end of the day, I think it’s important that we’re pointing people to Him instead of even the songs or our movement,” says Brian Johnson, worship leader and founding member of Bethel Music. “I think it’s really important that it wouldn’t just end with people looking at us, but that we’d be like signs to Him. If that happened, that would be enough for me, because then we’d feel like we did the work we’re called to do with this album.”

Recorded in the local church, featuring songs written for the local church, this is an album that the Bethel Music team and friends are excited about both for the process and the outcome. Listening through the expansive album, it is easy to see why. Even with a diversity of songwriters, there is a cohesion to the sound that underlines the maturity of this creative movement. Yes, Bethel Music is all grown-up and hitting it out the park on Have It All.

Standout tracks for me include the anthemic opener Shine on Us, the reverb-drenched Be Enthroned, and the two tracks Pieces and Mercy, previously recorded for Amanda Cook’s Brave New World.

Check out this new release and get ready to be singing these with your local congregation in the coming months!

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