Welcome to Reflective Musings. Though dormant for a long season, the fall of 2014 is the time to revive my writing. Transitioning out from two full-time jobs to just one is a part of the process. And I need to write more. There will be a mix of reviews, ramblings and other random entries.

Feel free to leave comments and ask questions, but also be aware this blog does not exist to debate whether Jesus is who He says He is or not. Such posts will be removed. My assumption in writing for this blog is that the reader is a Christian who wants to find good resources to equip themselves for a better understanding of the faith, and to better worship God.

A bit of background on me: I was born and raised in England, studied theology at the University of Birmingham (England), and moved to the U.S. to marry my dear Sarah. We live in Nampa, ID with our 3 sons and some chickens. I pastor a Foursquare Church and assist Foursquare Communications with a variety of media related projects. I rock the guitar, and dance like an inebriated gibbon.

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