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Reviews of resources from a Christian perspective. These are not critic reviews, instead looking to the use and usefulness of cultural goods.

The Grey

Once more into the fray Into the last good fight I’ll ever know Live and die on this day Live and die on this day SPOILER ALERT – I am writing on themes from The Grey and I’ll be carelessly throwing… Continue Reading →

beautiful eulogy

Mesmerizingly Beautiful

Milano – Festival

I once had a giddy night listening to some live recordings of Milano playing for a radio station. It culminated in me emailing the band with unabashed delight, expressing that they are on the line-up for my fantasy show. If… Continue Reading →

Bon Iver and The Roots

Last year Bon Iver floored me with his self-titled album. This year, I’ve loved a lot of The Root’s “Undun” release. So here they are together playing “Perth” from Bon Iver.   HT to Steve McCoy

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